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Svord Handcrafted Designer Wiing Knife Set - Boxed

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New Zealand maker Bryan Baker, the manufacturer of Svord branded blades, related this true story. (Knifemakers may sometimes manipulate the truth, but never tell lies.)

Somewhere on the North Island a saleslady in a sports store was trying to convince a Kiwi bushman that he ought to purchase a top quality Svord knife to take back with him into the sticks, whence he came. He was a big bloke, over six feet tall, and mean-looking. He wore a black singlet and gumboots. (Don't tell me ... his name as Wal and he hailed from Footrot Flats!)

The charming lady managed to mellow the scruffy bushman who agreed to buy the knife, although he still had reservations about it's alleged ability to perform in tough conditions.

A few feet outside the door, so the lady says, "Wal" raised the knife at arms length above his head. Then, to her utter amazement, he dropped the knife, plumb onto its point onto the concrete pathway. There was a sickening crunch as steel met stone! He picked it up, carefully examining the tip, then to her great relief, "Wal" gave her the thumbs up of approval through the shop window.

I Guess this is the sort of stuff that starts legends. No doubt Wal, like Banjo Patterson's MAN FROM IRONBARK, has "told the story o'er and o'er while the listening shearers gape". Of course, it would have been a different story indeed had there been a metal fatigue fracture somewhere near the swedge!